Blowing Bubbles
Jan Miense Molanaer,
Allegory of Vanity,
1633, Toledo Museum
of Art

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Imagine that the year is 1815. You have worked for 12 hours per day every day for the last three weeks except for taking some time off on Sundays. You come into the house at dark on Saturday Evening. And your child says "Daddy (or Mommy) will you please make me a toy?" You have few skills. You have even fewer tools, but this child is one of the few joys in your life.

You are about to enter the very magical, mystical world of Faire Tyme Toys.
We are a new toy company dedicated to providing period toys for museums, education, and special interest groups. With our Road shows, Educational Programs, and Old Tyme Toys we are truly a one of a kind business.

Unfortunately our toy maker is very sick again, but we hope to keep stock on most items.

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