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Girl Playing
Hoop and Stick

The following items have been discontinued but are still available by special order.

Froggy the Flip Frog Walk away, and watch him flip.

The Quieting Sea Gull Pull the string and watch him gracefully and slowly fly away.

  • Pickup Sticks

Pickup Sticks

This game like GRAB THE STICKS was a popular game of skill played, by both children and adults, with long round sticks or “straws” of wood. The object of the game was to drop the sticks in a pile and then try to “pick up” the sticks one at a time without disturbing any other sticks. When one of the sticks is disturbed, the play passes on to the next player, and so on, until the play returns to the starting player. Instructions included. Due to the cost of making the period sticks, we generally do not make the hand made versions that look like they used to look any more. They are just too costly.

Skipping Rope
  • Skipping Rope.

In North America, it was not until the 1830s that young girls began to use the skip rope and we have included it as the skipping rope was an integral part of many a pioneer girl’s school day (and more than one boy we might add).

Along with skipping came the inevitable and abundant rhymes that young people would recite while jumping rope. For example:

“Will I marry, tell me so
Is the answer yes or no?
Yes, no, maybe so
Yes, no maybe so”

In to-day’s world, the Jump Rope maintains its charm , its rhymes and provides a great deal of hearty exercise as well. Our Jump Rope, made with traditional rope and wooden handles, will provide hours of fun for the whole family. This toy/game is rather expensive for us to make. Remember that you can take a simple jute or vanilla rope available at most hardware stores. Tie a knot at each end and you instantly have a skipping rope.

  • Smoke Stick.

The Smoke Stick / Fire Starter

Used originally for starting fires, this necessary item became a toy when in use for that and later of course after the advent of matches. When first invented, matches were of course an oddity that you would place on a table to show off your wealth to neighbours, but you would seldom actually use them. They were thought to be an unnecessary expense.

  • Slinky the Snoop Dog.

Slinky the Snoop Dog

We offer a modern variation of a pull toy that we call - “Slinky The Sniffer Dog”.

  • Tip Cat

Tip Cat

Just hit the end of the "Cat" with the paddle like bat and watch the Cat jump into the air. These little toys were not always the most popular as they were known to break the neighbour's windows from time to time. Must be played on a hard surface like a road or similar.

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