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Table Top Bagatelle

Our Small table top Bagatelle game

Bagatelle (Very late 19th Century)

Bagatelle is a fantastic game for Museum demonstrations, clubs, groups, or just a whole lot of fun at home. It seems to have common roots with pool, and many say probably comes directly from it. Bagatelle was most often played on large and very, very fancy old tables similar to pool tables, with large decorative legs and very ornate carving. Made of course generally of very dark walnut or similar woods. Of course there were smaller versions of it and our Bagatelle game made in our shops is very similar to those. (Recreating those original beautiful full size versions today would be extremely expensive. Like building a very fancy pool table from scratch.) Bagatelle is one of those games that you try out for a shot or two. And suddenly you realize that you have tried it twenty times and still want to keep playing! Our honorary partner Cyril Hobbins mentions that "it was very commonly played with marbles until marbles became very hard to get during World War 2. So at that time metal balls from old bearings were very common." Later then, marbles came back, but of course metal balls still were common as well. This is a game that museums should certainly consider for their educational programming.

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