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Young Girl with Doves and Battledore

Alternate Name - Shuttlecock, Horn Book Battledore

Ancient Battledore Game

The Ancient Game of Battledore

The game of Battledore goes back many, many centuries. Indeed it was around in the Roman times, and we have been told that the paddle that they used to wash clothing in the river was called a Battledore. We expect that this is true but have not had time to confirm it. Was the game named from the washing paddle or was it the other way around? Probably we will never know for sure. It is though very interesting that this game was played in much the same way with much the same equipment right into the early 20th century. It is important that although we call this Ancient Battledore to distinguish it from the "Horn Book" version, it was around until not very long ago.

The Faire Tyme Battledore games both come with two paddles, and one shuttlecock. We recommend that you only use the shuttlecock for very careful demonstration as they are indeed quite fragile. The feathers though can easily be changed if required. For General use we recommend using a modern Badminton Bird.


Horn Book Battledore Game

Text books in the early school house had more than one use. Used during class time to learn their ABCs, Lord's Prayer, numbers etc. these HORN BOOKS could be turned around and used as an early form of badminton. The FAIRE TYME TOY edition of this game comes with two Horn Book paddles and a shuttlecock made out of wood and feathers. Lots of fun! To keep it period, the Faire Tyme Shuttlecock is now made from one half of a thread spool. Available with black or white feathers.

The F/T Hand Made Shuttlecock

Horn Book Battledore

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