The Beach Party

The drawing below is by the Artist Richard Doyle. We do not yet know the date of the work, but it would be mid to late 1800's. We suggest that you use Firefox browser, and click Control and + at the same time to expand the drawing. (Control plus number 0 to reset size.) Of if you cannot do that, then load the drawing into a photo program and then expand it to at least twice it's size. Then, you can see the games and things properly. (It is important that you realize that for us to show you a file that large it would cause endless problems for our friends who are still on slow speed services!) A boy carries his girl to shore. Note that in the game of Leap Frog that the people jumped over now are as they are today, and not cross ways as in earlier times. We how have Croquet, and toy boats with triangular sails. The old horse drawn bathing machines. And, is that Horse racing or was that more likely two young girls enjoying a peaceful ride, and a young urchin with the whip (just behind) scaring the horses, sending them away in a frenzy? The people in the Brueghel painting lived three hundred years ago. Those in the Silliman drawing lived two hundred years ago. And this drawing is now 150 years old.

Notice the difference. We now have people reading books. We have two different people painting - one with a group of people standing around looking at the painting. (Was the painter thinking of himself here and an experience that he had some time before?) People with time to spend sleeping on the beach, and smoking. Kids building sand castles. We now have optical telescopes, etc. But do not be fooled by the children on the beach. Many children (especially orphans) are now forced to work under extremely dangerous machinery doing jobs that would very often lead to their death. Or to do very hard labor for endless hours. This time was not as happy as this drawing indicates. The industrial revolution has now begun.

If you wish a larger version of this sent by email please let us know.

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