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Bow and Arrow

Kids having Target Practice
With Cross Bows

Saw Cut Hickory or Ash bow with one arrow. Extra arrows available on request. These toys are extremely good sellers, but due to the shortage of straight grained wood, supplies may be limited at certain times of the year.

For Instructions on how to restring your Faire Tyme Toys bow, click here

XVIIIth Century Print of Boy, with
his back to the Target, shooting
Bow and Arrow

The Faire Tyme Bow and Arrow

The Faire Tyme Cross Bow.

Cross Bow

The Faire Tyme Cross Bow uses the same bow as available above as the bow and arrow. You can use the bow separately as a bow, or in the frame as a cross bow. Kids go absolutely crazy over this toy, but it is probably too expensive for museum gift shop use. It comes with one arrow, but arrows are available separately.

Photo of Native Child's Arrow by Reenactor.
Notice the bone attached to the point to make it blunt, and the feathers going in
opposite direction, used to slow the arrow down for safety. NOTE Wisconsin Historic
Society Museum at Madison has found evidence that similar arrows without feathers were
used to hit birds, called simply, bird arrows.

Close up of Feathers of Kids Arrow

Close up of
bone tip of
Reenactor's Arrow

Closeup of the middle of a Faire Tyme Bow, showing a typical
burned picture in the middle, and an arrow.
Extra arrows are available

Print from "Toys of Other Days" by Mrs F. Nevill Jackson

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