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Bubble Blowing Kit

Bubble Blowing Kit

Blowing Bubbles
With a bubble tube.
Note Tube in Left Hand

Included in kit - 1 wooden bubble tube for instructor, info on bubble blowing and instructions for a class to make bubble rings from wire.
Wire and soap solution are not included in the kit due to different class sizes, shipping, etc.
Suggested Accessory is a small pillow or something such to catch the bubbles.
Extra wooden bubble tubes are available by special order if required.

17th century Flemish painters show children blowing bubbles with clay pipes. In the 18th and 19th century, mothers gave their children leftover washing soap to blow bubbles through their clay, wooden, or tin pipes. At the beginning of the 20th century, street peddlers and pitchmen were among the first to sell bubbles as a toy.

The ATHENS MESSENGER of Ohio described in the January 10th, 1895 edition the art of blowing bubbles as “…a pretty winter evening sport that is exceedingly diverting. The bubble party is the especial fad of the season. Grown people are just finding out the possibilities of soap bubbles. A pipe or tin horn can be employed to quickly create large bubbles that are most curious as well as bewilderingly beautiful”

In the Fort Wayne Daily Gazette of June 1, 1881 the following newspaper article appeared: “The soap bubble is an uncouth, inelegant name for such a common, every day sight to us, we seldom give it much attention, or realize how wonderful and beautiful is this fragile, transparent, liquid globe. Its spherical form is typical of perfection and the ever changing prismatic colors of its iridescent surface charm the eye. It is like a beautiful dream; we are entranced while it lasts, but in an instant it vanishes and leaves nothing to make its former existence excepting the memory of its loveliness”


The Ada Oklahoma Evening News of 1906 reported on some different types of games that could be used in blowing bubbles and they all are ones that modern children would enjoy as much as those over 100 years ago did:

Part of an English Print from 16th Century
showing children making and catching bubbles
From "A History of Toys" by Antonia Fraser

#1. Divide your group into two equal sides and place them on opposite sides of a fence, tennis net or badminton net. Using their bubble blowing pipes the teams attempt to blow or gently push the bubbles from one side of the net to the other. The team that is unable to return the bubble cleanly over the net or fence without it breaking loses the point.

#2. A variation on this game is to attempt to blow bubbles over the fence or net and the teams must stop by destroying the bubbles before they cleanly clear the net or fence and is in their territory. If the side fails to destroy the bubble before it ends up on their side of the net or fence they lose the point.

#3. A bubble game may also be played on a long table placed on the lawn and covered with a woolen cloth. Ribbon bound wickets should be placed at intervals and the players, divided into two sides, take turns, by sides, in trying to blow bubbles through the wickets.

#4. A game that challenges the players to blow a chain of bubbles is also great fun. The player that blows the most number of bubbles, in a chain, is the winner. The FAIRE TYME TOY BUBBLE BLOWER is an excellent tool to employ in this type of contest.

#5. Soap Bubble Basketball is also a game of great fun. Simply take a large piece of cardboard and cut a hole in it of about one foot across. The competitors must then attempt to blow soap bubbles through the hole. The individual or team that blows the most bubbles through the hole wins the game.

For diagram to make wire bubble blower, click Here.

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