Buzz Saw

In "Games of the North American Indians" Cullin describes what he calls the Buzz as "A whirling toy made of a flat piece of bone, potter, or gourd shell, or of a heavy bone, with one or two cords on each side... "

Stone Buzz from Wyoming at
Brooklyn Institute Museum and
Bone Buzz Saw Montana
From American Museum of Natural History

In "Games of the Teton Dakota Children. The American Anthropologiost", volume 4, page 343, 1891, Rev J Owen Dorsey describes a native Buzz Saw (Reference, Dakota Teton, South Dakota):
"Hohu yukhmun'pi. Making the bone hum by twisting the cord. Bone is not the only material used, for the toy is sometimes made of stone or of a circular piece of wood. The toy is made thus: Some deer or buffalo sinews are twisted together; parts of a deer's foot are cooked till soft, and are strung together on the sinew. To the ends of the sinew are fastened two sticks which serve as handles, one stick at each end, each being at right angles to the sinew. The sinew is twisted, and when pulled taut the toy makes a humming sound."

Native versions of this toy seem very varied indeed from tribe to tribe but as always with these toys the basics are exactly the same. To see our Buzz Saws (Moonwinders) click Here.
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