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The Two Wheel Cannons

4 Wheeled Cannon
(now Discontinued)

Girl with toys (See Cannon top.)
left. From Antiques of
American Childhood
By Katharine Morrison McClinton

Our cannons are available either stained or unstained. Stain is speckled black over a gun metal grey colour. Also now we have the firing cannon that fires beans.

The Two Wheel Cannon Toys

Our Bean Shooter Cannon

Our shooting cannon is based on an elastic. Just pull back and shoot beans. Caution - This toy is NOT suitable for young children. The beans are not like gunfire, but they do go fast enough to hurt little eyes, etc. This toy must only be used by older kids under adult supervision! This cannon is also available by special order with spoke wheels.

The Bean Shooter Cannon
Ready to Fire.

Click Here to see a video demonstrating the Firing Cannon. Just release the plunger and watch it fire. This one is actually firing beans but not that they leave so fast you cannot see them except for a little blur.
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