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Hooded Doll's Cradle

This doll cradle is based on a traditional design of a hooded cradle from the 1700s. Carefully designed and artfully crafted, this will rock any doll in style; however, our traditional wooden doll is the perfect doll for this cradle. Even if you do not have a child or doll, this cradle makes for a great display piece and conversation item.

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A home scene in 1493

Plain Doll's Cradle

Nestle your doll in a traditional cradle based on traditional pioneer patterns. Rock your rag doll or wooden doll to sleep in this hand crafted sturdy creation.

Note in the drawing above the lines inside the cradle just ahead of the Baby's head. Might these be a mistake by the artist? These should in fact by covered by the blanket.

Drawing is from the book "Toys of Other Days" by Mrs F Nevill Jackson.'''

Playing with Dolls

Drawing from "The Shop on High Street" by John J. Loeper

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