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Our Fancy Cup and Ball
Stained by special order only

The Game of Cup and Ball

Cup and Ball Toys Fancy top,
and Plain on bottom of photo
Stained by special order only

Alternate Names - Bilbouquet, Boliche, Kendoma, Balero.

This centuries old game of skill and hand-eye coordination is one of the world's most popular pastimes. WARNING: This game is extremely addictive! Once you start you will not be able to stop!

Our Partner Cyril Hobbins in England writes...
Children in the past would challenge each other with these wonderful catch toys. Try catching the ball by flipping it upwards from the LEFT, then RIGHT, then from the BACK, the FRONT and last of all from directly UNDERNEATH. The easiestway to catch the ball is to flip it straight upwards from underneath the handle then let it drop into the cup....EASY PEASY!

Girl playing Cup and Ball

Cup and Ball Contest.
Can you really
beat the Expert?

Painting from "Colonial Virginians at Play" by Jane Carson.

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