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Daniel Field’s FLIPPER DINGER is one of a variety of types of inexpensive “penny toys” from the late eighteenth century. All of them involved the suspension of a cork ball or dried pea on a stream of air blown through a clay, metal or wooden tube. The object was to blow through the tube and in doing so force the little ball resting on the air tube to rise towards the hoop and, with a little bit of skill and practice, hook upon it. This simple, but amazing, toy provides hours of good old fashioned fun!

Le Pendu Toy
by special order

In "Toys with Nine Lives", Andrew McClary writes the following
It is rather interesting that this little toy called a Flipperdinger might have it's roots in the French Revolution which began in 1789. Many very violent things came out of this time period including toys like a working toy Guillotine or a Hangman's toy called "LePendu". It is said that these toys might even have been used at secret dinner parties of the "Royalists". The toy shown called "LePendu", may well have been the origin of today's peaceful little toy called a Flipperdinger.

Many toys such as LePendu can be made special order by Faire Tyme Toys. If you wish us to design such a toy for you please ask. Some are way too expensive to recreate, but we can often recreate these for you for a reasonable price.

From "Toys with Nine Lives" by Andrew McClary

Click Here to see a video demonstrating the Flipper Dinger. Just blow in the end of the tube, and try to get the ball to hang on the wire loop. As you can see it does not always work! lol!
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