The following is a short write-up by our toymaker John Skakel that was written for the web site of Dr Toy. If you have not seen that site, please have a look at it, as it is the ultimate web site on toys on the internet. I highly recommend that everyone with kids or who wants to be a kid read it. This link leads directly to this write-up on her site, or you can read the page below. To see the front door to her site, please see our "links" area.

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The Very First Toy

The Old Windmill Maker

As you read this little story, think of kids today. In her book "Smart Play / Smart Toys", Stevanne Auerbach PhD writes "Playtime does not depend on toys or anything else. Watch kittens, puppies, baby monkeys - they are full of play. Watch your young child excitedly chase a butterfly, follow a leaf, or pick up a stick and transform it into a magic wand."
Perhaps our children today are even closer to that first child than any of us realize!

The newest jouster using
a Walker

Have you ever wondered about the first toy? How it came to be? What it was? Many people have often wondered about just that: I have seen numerous posts and been asked about those very questions many times.

Take a moment here to relax gently and close your eyes and think of two things. First off, picture a monkey sitting on a branch of a tree playing with a stick. Then, think of the beginnings of man. The beginning of man as the way you and your religion believe it was. Many people have different beliefs but that is all right.

Still keeping your eyes closed, imagine yourself as one of the first men or women walking around on that first day. This may be the day after the creation of man as seen in the Bible, or it may be the day (if it was indeed possible to pin point it down to a day) that man first could be called "Man" instead of "Ape". But it was indeed a day many, many thousands of years ago!

I believe that on those first days of existence that a man or woman picked up a small stick and played with it just like that monkey you imagined playing on the branch of that tree. Or picked up a stone or a piece of bone to throw it at an animal but suddenly realized how much fun it was to do that and threw it again just for the fun of doing it.

And suddenly in a flash the first toy was born. It could have been a stick, stone, or bone thrown in the air. Or a man, woman, or child looking at their image in the water during those first days as this new character called man. But, as old as things like the Eskimo game so similar to cup and ball, or toys like tops, or dolls are, they are thousands upon thousands of years younger than these first toys that men, women, and their children first played with.

But, these first toys did indeed signal the beginnings of the playful side of man that would exist until this very day. This beginning was the beginning of our modern toys and games that we play with so much. Both as adults and children. And yet think how often someone comes up to the edge of a small lake and skips a stone across that flat water today. Possibly using that same small stone that our ancient relatives used.

As you read through Dr. Toy's time line you might want to think about the different toys described and how they really started as that first simple stick, or stone; bone, or pool of cool, clear water; so many years ago.

Men, women, and children have all loved to have fun with toys since their very beginning. And probably always will.

Dr. Toy's time line gives us an idea of how this all came together. To form our modern toys of today. It is even possible that if we all (young and old) took time to play with these old original toys that this old world would be a much better place today.

Again, please see this article in it's original area at Dr Toy's History Area

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