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Our school assignment this summer was "What did you do on your vacation? Well, actually not quite as we all left school as students a very few years back. Quite a big "very few"!

In this area you will see some of our favorite photos of Faire Tyme that are not used anywhere else on site. Have a look. We hope that you enjoy them.

Playing Graces and Bat and Trap

Cup and Ball Contest.
Can you really
beat the Expert?

Watch those Knuckles
That's the Knuckle Buster
you are playing with

Our Toy Maker in our
Large Faire Tyme Tent

Our busy front table

The Field of Battle

The dancing man... still dancin

Playing with Fling Top

Playing Horse Shoes

Often times fellow reenactors join us

The battery in
this thing must
be getting low

Our Shop - That order is ready to go

Reenactments can be fun
Sword Swallower and
Rope Walker's Tents

Dancing Man / Fiddler

John testing a new
toy. (Humanette).

"Kids" with the Ladders

Our Job can be FUN!

Faire Tyme Toys

Show Time in our smallest of three tents

Boy with Graces

Girl with Graces

Boy with Bat and Trap

Our Games Area

We can be very busy in our games area.

The Old Time Carousel.

Anyone ready to push so I can ride?

Girls working a Skiddles Game

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