Games with Possible Common Origin with Other Countries

Photo Property of St Francis Mission
Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum
Notice Native Kids Watching from a Non Native Ride
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Photo courtesy of... St. Francis Mission, Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum (located in the state of South Dakota, on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation.) email address for the museum...
Address: 350 S. Oak Street, P.O. Box 499, St. Francis, SD 57572 , at website: ...

We do not know if the following games are of Native or European origin and probably never will. Each time we see a game with similarities, we must think to ourselves "Was this game invented by Europeans, Natives, or both?" We now know that Europeans like the Vikings and Irish came to North America long before Columbus. We know indeed that Columbus followed a map to come. Ships had been blown within site of the Americas for centuries but were afraid to land. But in the case of each game we must ask ourselves "Did one of those bring the game or toy to the Natives? Did one of those see natives playing a fascinating game, and bring that game back to Europe?" In most cases, we will probably never know. Due to the similarities, we thought that we should mention these games separately here.

*****Most Games games in this area are relatively safe to use with children today. You can pick out which are best suited to your school or event.

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