Games Seeming to be of Native Origin

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It is interesting that in "William Penn's Own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians" Penn writes
"I will begin with children. So soon as they are born, they wash them in water, and while very young, and in cold weather to chuse, they plunge them in the riveres to harden and embolden them." Perhaps it is this upbringing that allows them to play such difficult and demanding games.

In "My People the Delaware Indians" in the Essay "Lenni Lenape Arts and Industries" Big White Owl writes
"Seldom did they gather for ceremonies and games without enjoying an evening of social dances around a blazing camp fire. The day games they played were known as Lacrosse, Snow Snake, Wrestling, Racing, The Moccasin Game, and Shooting the hoop. Those were the most popular of Lenni Lenape games and contests and often whole villages attended the jamborees to join in the fun of betting one against the other and in general having a real good time.

It is very important that everyone realize that almost all Native Games were used to improve coordination for hunting and/or war, and for general education on things like reading stars in the night skies and trails to allow them to get back home for instance. We must all realize how important it was for them to be able to successfully take part in all of these activities. Thus games like Lacroix, or bush games were extremely important for young people to learn and take part in. We must also realize that many of these games had sacred sides to them and we should NEVER forget that when reading about them or talking about them!

The games of this area do not seem to have any apparent connection back to Europe, or other lands.

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