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Wooden Muskets, Rifles, and Pistols

Alternate names. (From time of origin.) Middle French mousquet Italian moschetto The cross bow arrow was apparently given the same name, but later musket became probably the main if not only name used. It apparently seems to come from the latin word mosca, a fly.

All Muskets are now available by special order with gun straps. These are very close to period, except for the attachment method. For information please contact us.

Ever wonder where the origin of the word Musket came from to describe a firearm?

158090. Waaaay before men had Muskets to hunt with they would go ....HAWKING.....with a Sparrow Hawk. Apparently, the correct name for a young male Sparrow Hawk is a MUSKET. All very logical when you think about it. They went hunting with young male Hawks called muskets. Then the birds were replaced by the early firearms, called Muskets.

Musket (Rifle size) and Pistol

Girl with toys (See Cannon top left.
From Antiques of American Childhood
By Katharine Morrison McClinton

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