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"Burned Version" No Longer Available

Burned and Plain Tomahawks

These Tomahawks are available in both burned and plain versions as in the photo. The burn marks are used to totally cover all evidence of modern nails used but of course they do add to the cost. They of course represent those used in the stone age rather than those of metal shown below. We must caution that this toy is based on "Romantic ideas" rather than any original pieces. There may or may not have been toys like this one.

Tomahawk or axe found in Kent County
Probably dating from early 1800's
(Handle not original)

American Buckle found on Battle Site of Tecumseh's
Death near Thamsville. Note the Eagle, with Arrows
in it's claws.

As noted this buckle was found on the site of the Battle of the Thames where the famous Native Chief Tecumseh died. It is obviously from an American Soldier. Did the soldier live or die? We will of course never know now. The fact that this buckle was lost though probably makes it pretty certain that he was fighting in close combat. Note the arrows and olive branch in the claws of the Eagle. Standard Issue for uniforms of that date.

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