Historic Photo Gallery

The photos, drawings and etches below are among the hundreds that we have found in our library. They are so significant that we figured that you would want to see them.

Children with Hobby Horses 15th Century

Photo from "A History of Toys by Antonia Fraser.

Hobby Horse and Drum

In the photo to the left, you see the musician (bell ringer?) "Wearing" a hobby horse around his/her waist. The photo is from a border of a French psalter of around the year 1300.

Artwork from "A History of Toys" by Antonia Fraser.

Medieval drawing of Children with Jousting Lances
and an adult with Battledore.

From "A History of Toys" by Antonia Fraser.

Drawing From a border of a page from a French Book of Hours which dates from the late 15th Century. The text is one of the Penitential Psalms.

Game of Skittles around 1770.

From "English Sports and Pastimes" by Christina Hole

Battledore. Painting by Francis Hayman c1775
Form English Sports and Pastimes by Christina Hole

Child Playing with Blocks. ca 1850

From "Antiques of American Childhood" by Katharine Morrison McClinton

The Domino Girl ca 1775

From "Antiques of American Childhood" by Katharine Morrison McClinton

Painting on Silk
16th or 17th Century China

From A History of Toys By Antonia Fraser


A nursery in 1520 from A History of Toys
By Antonia Fraser

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