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Metal Hoops no longer available due to high cost of materials


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We caution that with modern shipping charges, hoops are extremely expensive to ship. Shipping can be two or three times the price of the hoop. The good news is that we can give you instructions on making period metal hoops. Often you can have these made for around five to ten dollars at any metal shop locally if you are representing a school or non profit event.

Hoops began when kids began to play with the old rings that came off of old wagon wheels. However, they evolved as toy and games makers learned to make high quality wooden hoops. Our wooden hoops are made of bent Ash or Hickory so they are extremely durable! Many others available are not made of this type of wood. Due to high shipping costs we recommend them for those who can pick them up at our shops only. Due to laminating at the "Join" they should not be left in the rain.

As you know, hoops were often named, and in the early "Union times" in the US with 13 states, there were often 13 notches cut in the hoop. (ref Antiques of American Childhood by Katharine Morrison McClinton among others.) We do caution that notches in a hoop can reduce their durability very significantly but you might for instance consider one for demonstration only. Both notches and burned in names on hoops are available by special order.

Playing with Hoops.
From the Boys' Own Book 1882

Laminated Wooden Hoop.

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