A Brief Introduction

Detail of Cheyanne Winter Games, watercolor by W Richard West
From "Games of the North American Indian"
By Stewart Culin

Historical photos and artwork on this web site are reproduced for educational purposes only, and should not be reproduced without the permission of Faire Tyme Toys, and/or their original owner.

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This is an attempt to bring you just a tiny bit of history of toys and games of Natives in North America. We do our absolute best to make certain that every tiny bit of information in this area is properly documented and reliable so that you can refer to it with absolute confidence! References will include native aural stories that in some cases have been passed on for centuries. We hope that you will not discount these as they are an accurate portal into Native history. We want to stress that we have no native background, so we cannot claim to be experts on this subject. There are as many different versions of these games as there are tribes, and thousands of years of time come into play. This is simply an attempt to allow you to begin to research into areas that you find of interest for your museum, etc.

I think that you will agree with us after reading this area that the people of these tribes were pretty extraordinary folks. Yet we see them referred to as "savages" or other names in historical documentation. Those terrible names and descriptions have been removed here from this point on.

We hope that you enjoy this area as much as we enjoyed developing and presenting it!

(Since many reference books have changed native names to modern names we mostly use those modern interpretations.)

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