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  1. ALL Text and Photos are Copyright © unless attributed to a published work. Since we are trying to promote the history involved, we will often grant permission to use material but you must ask first.
  2. It is possible to produce a printed version of our catalogue, and a Purchase Order Form directly from our site. Just click Here. Please realize that our web site will always be much more complete and up to date than the printable package.
  3. We make every possible attempt to be acurate with information given both on this site, in our presentations and catalogues, or with products sold. However, information on these subjects is not easily obtained and is all from a different time, so we cannot be responsible for acuracy of information involved.

Site Administrators
mailto: Toymaker at Fairetymetoys dot com (John Skakel our toy maker)
mailto: JGilbert at Ciaccess dot com (Jim Gilbert our educational and programming cordinator)

If you email us

Please be careful to label your emails very clearly. Like others we get junk emails and try to delete them instantly. If your message is not very clearly labelled it may well go to trash.

Our Business Philosophy

Faire Tyme is primarily a Toy Making business to supply museums with toys for museum demonstrations and programming. Our products do not look off shore, and indeed they look much like the toys and games would have looked so many years ago. They are not highly painted or polished for the most part. The reason being that toys of those times were not highly painted as they are today. We believe that it is just as important that kids know about the people who played Kayles, as it is important that the game looks just like it did so long ago. And we believe that everyone should have a chance to find the history of that Flipperdinger or Pantin, be it a child or adult.

Many Faire Tyme products also work great for museum gift shops, clubs like 4-H, and special events. We certainly hope that you can find some products of ours that will help your museum with programming, tours, gift shop, etc. Or that you will find endless fun with old time toys and games just like we do when you see one of our road shows.

- - - - - - - -

We hope that our web site assists you and your organization in your programming and resale operations. Our aim is to gradually use the site to give more information on our products including how to use the individual toy and it's time period in history, assembly instructions, help with repairs, ordering parts, etc. And of course we have many more products to come on line in the future. If you have any ideas on how we can improve our web site we hope that you will contact us as we are always looking for suggestions.

Our Products

We are very proud to be able to say that there is almost no pine used in our products. No spruce at all is used. These materials will just not stand up for toy usage. Most of our products are made from poplar. However, in certain places we use hard woods where we feel it is necessary for product durability or for the toy or game to work properly. For instance the side panels of the wagon behind the walking horse are now almost always made of a hard wood such as maple, ash, oak, or hickory. The top game and bows for instance are made almost exclusively of either hickory, ash, or oak depending on wood availability at the time.

One of the problems with making old time toys is that those old toys usually did not work for longer than a few hours. For instance knots in string would pull through a hole and the toy would no longer function or fall to pieces. So, today Period Toy Makers have developed a method of using wire to solve this problem. We are proud to say that all of our products are made to be very durable, and we are continually upgrading patterns to enhance the durability of every toy and game yet have it look period. We often go to events for instance and see kids carrying one of our muskets. When we ask them when they got it they will often tell us that they have had it for two or three years already and it is still working well.

You will also notice that in many cases we use the old wrought head nails for toy construction. This, along with many burned in features and very little painting is a sort of trade mark for Faire Tyme Toys products. We want to keep these as period as possible, and these are all methods used to reach that goal.

We hope that you will enjoy using some of our products in the very near future

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