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Jacob's Ladder

Other names. The Yawning Mouth

The following information is from the Winter 2005 edition of Gibeciere. (...) It's named for a magician's apron. It's published as "The Journal of The Conjuring Arts Research Center." The article is by Volker Huber and is titled "The Yawning Mouth."

Painting by Bernardino Luini. "The painting was done around 1520. It is the second depiction known up to now to show a conjuring apparatus that was not the cups and balls. And it is the second picture known up to now of a "Conjuring Trick" after L'Escamoteur by Heronymus Bosch which was painted around 25 years earlier." The author describes an etching of the artwork made in 1795 by Francesco Bartolozzi and shows a depiction of it in his book. He mentions that at that time it was thought that the original painting was done by Leonardo de Vinci. Bernardino Luini was a student of Devinci and thus is work is influenced very heavily by him. When magnified the painting clearly shows that the ribbons at that time were actually attached with a nail into the END of the block.

Jacob's Ladder

The design of the JACOBíS LADDER is a deceptively simple and yet complex creation. Basically, it is a chain of wooden blocks connected to one another by means of a cloth tape. The tape is attached to the pieces of wood in such a way that an amazing and seemingly unexplainable illusion is created by the wooden blocks tumbling or falling over one another when the toy is used correctly. Jacob's Ladders come in two styles. An unpainted, larger and more period-correct version and a smaller , painted version. Try Faire Tyme Toyís MAGICAL AND MYSTICAL JACOBíS LADDER and amaze your friends!

Historic Drawing from "Toys with Nine Lives" by Andrew McClary. Some Jacob's Ladders had writing or pictures on them. These are available from Faire Tyme Toys with burned in images if you wish them. Please contact us for special pricing. These are special order.

The video below shows you how to use a Jacob's Ladder. Just hold the end block up and shown and "fold it over" and watch the blocks tumble down over each other. As you will notice from the demonstration video if you "fold it over" in the wrong direction, it will not work. Just go the other way and then alternate sides each time and away you go!

Jacob's Ladder

Click Here to see a video demonstrating the Jacob's Ladder.
N.B. All videos on this site are checked and virus free!
For Instructions to load Faire Tyme Demonstration videos see bottom of this page.

To watch Faire Tyme Demonstration videos. Each browser and windows program will be different, so please adapt these instructions to your computer.

Fire Fox - Double Click on the Video Link (the word "Here"). If it does not load automatically, click "Browse" and when programs screen loads, select the video program. (Most versions of Quick Time, and the new versions of Windows Media Player and Real Time will work as well.) Click on one of those programs and in a few seconds you will go back to the browse screen with the program now Highlighted. Click ok. When player loads, click the start arrow if it does not start automatically.

Internet Explorer - Click on video. If it does not play automatically, click save and scroll through files to save to your desktop. Then, go to your desktop - the screen you see when you turn on your computer. LEFT click on the file and it will probably play. If it does not, then RIGHT click on the file and then click "Open With", and on next screen click "choose Program". Click on Quick time, or if you do not have it try Real Time Player or Windows Media Player, which ever works. After looking at the video, go to your desk top and RIGHT click on the file and click delete and the file will be gone

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