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Kayles (Club Kayles)

Klub Kayles - (Club Kayles)

Alternate Name: Loggats
This early version of bowling came to us from Scotland and is meant to be played outside in the wide open spaces. The large pins have their pointed ends stuck in the ground and players use another, similar club, to throw and knock them down. An excellent game to relieve tension after a hard day at work or at school.

Boy Playing Klub Kayles

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Soldier Play and Kayles

The Kayles Pins were designed to be used with a ball as well as shown in this drawing.
Please note the "Silliman Drawing" in our Toy History Area. There you will see an example
of Kayles being played with simple old ham bones with the meat removed.

In this enlargement note the
Special Pin that became Aunt Sally

Photo from Toys of Other Days by Mrs F Neville

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