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In May of 2006 Faire Tyme was asked to help the Keith Foundation put on an event to show local kids and adults the one of a kind log cabin on their property. They are going to restore the cabin and make it available for school groups, tours, etc, to help to make the history of Northern Florida come alive.

The following are two replies from them.

Note from Diane Sconiers about the event that we put on.

Dear Mr. Skakel, I would like to thank you and Mr. & Mrs. Jim Gilbert for the excellent presentation you made at the Keith Cabin Pioneer Day. This was one of the most memorable days of my life. I enjoyed it immensely. I tried to sit half-way in between your class and Mr. Gilbert's class so I could hear everything going on and I would try not to miss anything. It was so interesting hearing how the toys were made and where they came from and how they're tied in to our modern day toys.

The children from Bethlehem Elementary School in Bonifay, Florida, played with all your toys all day long and I don't believe I saw anything broken after being played with by rowdy kids. That's something I don't believe you could say for our modern day factory made toys. When the children were leaving on the bus they were yelling, "This is the best field trip we have ever been on".

I hope that we can make this an annual event, and we do consider all of you dear friends now. We enjoyed meeting you and you wealth of information on toys you shared with us. I can see this event growing each year also as the news gets out. We will be restoring the cabin so that will spark an interest also.

Love and Prayers! Dianne Sconiers


Part of a note from Nanette about their work and how we were able to help them.

We owe you such a debt of gratitude for not only your invaluable letter of support but for having faith in our preservation effort and for the incredible job you did for us last May. The restoration will move forward quickly now and we hope that you will be our special guest of honour again this Spring--the official ribbon cutting ceremony is tentatively set for May 2007. Maybe we can have a 3-day event if you are available.

The citizens of our community were so impressed with your toys, games, personalities, and the exceptional educational benefits of your program. We truly appreciate Faire Tyme Toys. Next week I will forward more photos and newspaper articles.

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