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Jousting Lance

Medieval Children with Jousting Stick,
Stick Horse, and Whip Top

Alternate Names: Jousting Stick, Jousting Lance, or Lance

Jousting Lance (shown here
without windmill)

This jousting Lance is available either with or without a windmill on the end of it. Lances with windmills are known to have been used in the 15th, 16th, 17th and early 18th Centuries. The windmills are rather fascinating when you see them work, and they do work surprisingly well. however, care must be taken of them as they are somewhat fragile in comparison to the rest of the lance.

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The Young Knights Tilt (Joust)!

Our Partner Cyril Hobbins in England writes...
Did you know that STICK HORSES or HOBBY HORSES have been around since ancient times? Many old prints show children riding a HOBBY HORSE whilst clutching a spinning windmill like a LANCE. Sometimes an inflated pigs bladder would be tied to the HOBBY HORSE, it sounded like hoofbeats in the wind.

18 century drawing of jousting stick
hobby horse and windmill
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See our Stick/Hobby Horses. Also, see "Brueghel painting" in our toy history section. (Click Here Then click on Web Gallery of Art, look for the complete photo and enlarge to your biggest option.) Can you see the two kids playing with the windmill lance there? And the one with the stick horse? Hint, look upper left and lower left.

In the drawings at Left it is very clear that the young boys in each case are imitating "The Tilt of the Knights". The long poles between their legs are crude stick horses, and the other poles are lances. As mentioned above by Cyril they would often carry an inflated pig's bladder as well for sound. Clearly the young lads in the lower drawing are imitating a practice maneuver by aiming at the pole.

Drawing above from the book "Toys of Other Days" by Mrs F. Nevill Jackson.

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