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Note! We only allow links on this site that are on topic. Please do not waste your time and ours asking for link exchanges that do not involved wooden toys and/or history.

Girl with Fan
Historic Dutch Artwork

British Toy Maker Cyril Hobbins

..... Cyril is a dedicated helper and an honorary member of Faire Tyme Toys. He has a new book on wooden toys, their history, and how to make them. See Below

Christine Pilgrim - Hands-on History

Christine recreates the "living stories" of people from Emily Carr to Pauline Johnson. From the women involved in the two World Wars, to The Wife of Santa Claus. Her programs look irresistible, so must be included here!

Chris Brady - Jig Doll History and period informational site

Judy's Old Wooden Toys

Right Click on the photo to see a fantastic circus toy collection!
This site is a fantastic source of information in "antique toys and games". The owners are great to reply with with well thought out information, etc.

Dr Toy's Ultimate Toy Site


Normally we would not allow a link here involved with "New" toys and games, but there is a lot of historical information as well on this web site. Just seach the site for the words "Historic" and "Toy History". Also, we feel that even the "New" aspect is so important that we must include a link here. If you have a child or work with kids, this site is an absolute MUST!

Frontier Visions of America


This site does not involve toys, but some of the links there either involve toys or lead to people of knowledge in that area. Thus it is a place to start for research if needed.

Vintage Games Company


Plans for a number of different games here. Most games are in fact of the type that are very difficult to find plans for.

MacGregor Historic Games

Many old games of the highly polished hand made variety. Some very, very nice work here indeed!

Vermont Wooden Toys - Ron Voake, Toymker.


Some very nice but simple wooden toys here, though many have a slightly modern touch to them.

The Renaissance Wood Worker


Some nice wooden puzzles here based on old time art.

Aesop's Fables


There is something about this site that is very, very classy. Collection of the old fables, but very,very well done in a way young kids would understand.

America's Only Authentic Magic-Lantern Show.


I was lucky enough to see a traveling show by these people. If you get a chance to see it, it is a must! The do an absolutely marvelous job of bring out what an old time magic lantern show looked like, and at the same time of course, showing how younger folk and adults both would view it! For magic lantern information this site is a must.

The First Regiment Lincoln Militia.


We generally do not allow links to different reenactment groups here, as there are just too many and they are somewhat off topic. However, this is a great site and does include some info on toys and games by times. Having this site here allows you to begin to search through this great area of history.

Arvind Gupta Toys.


Normally we only allow links to historical folk toys, but this site is a MUST to include. It is a site that gives so many ideas on making science fun for kids. Arvind describes his business this way "We work with over 100 Municipal schools where the poorest children study. We wish to make science fun for them and in the process fun for all the children of the world." One look at their aim and their web site will tell you instantly why it is included here.

Cyril Hobbins

Toy Maker of England

has written a fully illustrated book that contains notes for teachers and museum personnel:






The book is now available from Faire Tyme Toys

Price $30

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