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The Native Marble/Shuffleboard Game

The Native Marble Game

This game it is mentioned was mainly played by women, and generally they were ashamed to be found playing it. Was it because they thought of it as a child's game? We do not know the answer. We as yet know very little about this game, but we think that we understand how it was played enough to provide it for your enjoyment. It is a sort of cross between shuffleboard and marbles with rough outside soil thrown in.

This game comes with two targets, ten counting sticks, and 20 wooden balls.

*****This is probably the best game that we make for very young children. We caution though that it should only be used for those over three years of age (as with all of these old games and toys), as it does not meet safety standards for young folks under that age today.

Women Playing Game
Cover of "Games of the North American Indians"

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