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Tarahumare Indians playing
Stick-Dice Game
From "Games of the North
American Indians"
By Stewart Culin

Our Native Dice (Three Types)

Native Throwing Dice on Display
At Canadian Museum of Civilization
Ottawa, Ontario

Marked Native Dice

We at Faire Tyme have three types of Native Stick Dice available. The first are the formed and marked type. Second are the half round. And third are the simple rectangular knotched sticks. Please see photos.

Cree Indian, Qu'appelle,
Field Columbian Museum.

As you can no doubt see the above are a very accurate representations of the originals in the photograph. Burned features.

Stick Dice and Counting Circle
White Mountain Apache Arizona
Field Columbian Museum

Native Dice Half Round

Our Half Round Native Dice are patterned off of the Apache Dice in the drawing above. You will note that only three were used. However, in many cultures 4 dice that were rather similar were used, so we provide you with the forth dice. Information on the Apache using these dice, and on counting circles is included with the Dice.

Ractangular Stick Dice

Rectangular Stick Dice,
Keres Indians Laguna
New Mexico
Field Columbian Museum

As noted the Rectangular Stick Dice that we reproduce for you were used by the Keres Indians of Laguna New Mexico and the originals they are patterned from are in the Field Columbian Museum. Again, instructions are included with the Dice.

Please note that these dice have notches like the originals. However, they do not show up in the small photograph.

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