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Our Catalogue

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Jacob's Ladder

We supply plans for home hobbyists for items marked with "*Plans Available*" on this catalogue page. We intend to expand this area in the future.

Our toys and games catalogue is divided into the following areas to help you find the different items that you wish. For pricing on items please email us at mailto: Toymaker at FaireTymeToys dot com

If you email us

Please be careful to label your emails very clearly. Like others we get junk emails and try to delete them instantly. If your message is not very clearly labelled it may well go to trash.

Many of our products would fit into more than one area. Thus it is important that you look in Classroom, Toys, Native, and Games areas for products.

If you own a Faire Tyme Product and need parts such as game pegs, or need repairs please email us. We will be glad to do our best to get you what you need as quickly as possible. We do our best to make products that last as long as possible.

New Line of Inexpensive Toys for Classroom and Bulk Use

Game of Graces

Our Regular Toy Lineup

Girl with Hoop
and Stick Game
  • Cup and Ball Inuit (Eskimo) and Native Styles - See Native Area Below

John and Dancing
Man with Fiddler

Toys and Games of the North American Natives

Our Regular Line of Games

Bagatelle (Very late 19th Century)

Plans and Kits

Special Administration Area (Our Catalogue)

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