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Note This section is to print a hard copy catalogue only.

For regular viewing of our web site please see "Our Catalogue" as there is much more information there.

To Print Purchase Orders

To Obtain a Purchase order, please follow instructions below, and Print off the link "Purchase Order Sheet". Click HERE for address or phone number to forward it to us via mail, fax, or email.We do not require use of Purchase Orders but if your business does, simply print this form and fax it to us.

______Purchase Order Sheet____________

To Print Hard Copy Catalogues

It is very easy to print off a hard copy catalogue from this site so that you have it readily available at any time. We hope that you will always remember though that the fastest and easiest way to find up to date information on our products and services is through the use of our web site as much information is not available in the hard copies.

To print a hard copy catalogue follow these simple steps closely to avoid confusion. This area is much easier to use using Firefox, but we have tried to design it to work with other browsers as well.

  1. Set your printer to NOT print borders, margins, date, time, URL, etc. Set to print in good quality colour.
  2. Click on "Catalogue Cover Page" on the chart below. (You will now see the Front Page of your new printed catalogue.)
  3. Then, click on Print (on upper right corner of that page). (Important Skipping this step will result in too many pages, and possible distortion.!)
  4. The print size will now be much smaller. Under "File" on your browser click "Print Preview". Most pages (cover excepted), should just fill one printed page. If you see two pages when trying to print ANY page below, you probably did not do step three above.
  5. Under "File" on your browser click "Print".
  6. Important. When your printer finishes printing use your browser back button to return to this page.

Print out all catalogue pages that you require using the same method.When finished printing, simply return to our web site By Clicking Here.

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*Catalogue Cover Page
*Catalogue Classroom Use Section
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 1.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 2.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 3.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 4.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 5.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 6.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 7.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 8.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 9.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 10.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Toys Page 11.
*Hard Copy Catalogue Native Games Page1
*Hard Copy Catalogue Native Games Page2
*Hard Copy Catalogue Games 1
*Hard Copy Catalogue Games 2
*Hard Copy Catalogue Games 3
*Catalogue Our Patrons Page
*Catalogue Toys for Young Kids Page
*Catalogue Top Sellers
*Catalogue How to Contact Us
*Catalogue Our Feedback
*Catalogue How to Buy for a Gift Shop

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