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The Game of Pall Mall

The Old Game of Pall Mall

Known originally as Paille-Maille in France and later as Pall-Mall in England, the name of this game means “ball and mallet”. Like many games dating back in history, the exact origin of this game is difficult to determine. It was mentioned as early as the 13 the century in French texts and was known to be very popular in England in the 1500s. Pall-Mall was played by King Charles II in England in St. James Park so often that a section of the park was renamed "The Mall". The game was something like golf with the ball being struck with a mallet but different in that the ball had to fall through an iron hoop thus resembling the modern game of Croquet. It is also thought that the game was brought indoors and became Billiards. The version offered by FAIRE TYME TOYS comes with instructions, a mallet (Mall) and ball, and a metal hoop to hang from a tree limb.

Drawing from "Toys of Other Days" by Mrs F. Neville Jackson

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