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Scribes as early as the 6th century used the feathers of crows, geese, turkeys, eagles, hawks and swans as their main tools of writing. In fact, it was not until the 19th century that steel point pens began to replace the venerable quill pen. Here at FAIRE TYME TOYS our quill pens are taken from select outer wing feathers of geese in the spring of the year. Along with our HORNBOOK, real SLATE and real SLATE PENCIL one can escape to the far away days of the one room school where you can practice your “Three ‘Rs” until “the cows come home”.

Directions for holding the pen and sitting
From "Three New and Elegant Sets
of Alphabetical Copy Lines"
New Haven 1807
From Antiques of American Childhood
by Kathryn Morrison Mclinton

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