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Rattles and Clackers

The Flat and Round Rattles

Caution, these rattles are NOT to be used for children under the age of three. They are for educational purposes only!

Children carrying Lenten Rattles
In Artwork "Battle between Carnival and Lent" 1559
By Pieter Brueghel

Although we tend to think of rattles as being the toys of children they were not always considered as such. Often times rattles such as the ones sold by Faire Tyme Toys were used by guards on duty to alert others that an intruder had been spotted or a fire had started. To-day these historical toys can be used to entertain small children, amuse teenagers or aggravate adults! We carry both the round and flat version. The flat is of course much older.

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Girls at Play

Note the girl on the Left with the Lentin Rattle. The one next to her has a small version of our Egg Mill, and the right one of the three has a Stick Horse (version that is a full horse on the end of a stick). The girl on the balcony is blowing bubbles that the girls below are catching on pillows.

Engraving from "Toys of Other Days" by Mrs F Neville Jackson

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