How the Raven Stole the Sun

From a display in the Museum of Civilization

Ottawa Ontario

In the utter darkness at the beginning of the world, light was hidden in the lodge of the old Fisherman. Raven, wishing to gain access to his treasure turned himself into a leaf and is swallowed by the old Fisherman's daughter. Now born as her son, Raven begged and pleaded with his grandfather to bring out the box holding the light. Worn out by the child's whining, the old Fisherman unwrapped 8 boxes one inside the next, until the last lid was lifted and the lodge was flooded with light.

Entranced, the boy ran around the house playing with the ball of fire. He asked for the roof boards covering the smoke hole to be taken off. No sooner were they removed, than the child changed himself back into the Raven, jumped to the roof, and quickly flung the ball of light into the sky where it became the sun.

Adapted from Marius Barbeau, "How the Raven Stole the Sun"