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We are an educationally-oriented 18th century toy and game company. We arrive at your site, set up our fair booth full of period toys (approximately 100) and encourage children (of ALL ages) to play with them, experiment, issue challenges, ask questions etc. Everything we do has a very strong hands-on component. Some of our toys are: Whimmy Diddle, Cup & Ball, Acrobats, Hooky, Tops & Launchers, Whirlygigs, Thaumatropes, Bull Roarer, Pull Toys, Jacobs Ladders, Balancing Toys, Fling Tops, Wooden Muskets, Wooden Pistols, Table Top Quoits, etc. etc.

The Old Toy Maker appears out of nowhere at a Guides Meeting

Behind or beside our toy booth we have a GAMES AREA where we have a number (approximately 15) of period correct games that, once again, children of ALL ages can play to their hearts content. Such games are Quoits, Graces, Aunt Sally, Bat & Trap, Hoops, Club Kayles etc.

Once we set up, we entertain non-stop all day until the last "child" has gone home. We find that our booth and games area is usually the busiest at any events we attend. We tend to attract a lot of parents with their children who will literally spend hours playing with the toys or games.

If you so desire, we also can put on TOY MAKING WORKSHOPS where children can sign up and construct a period correct toy to take away with them. Usually these are scheduled for ONE in the morning and ONE in the afternoon. This would cost you nothing as individuals wishing to do this would pay a small amount to take part.

As our group consists of former teachers, research librarians and museum curators (who all happen to be long time reenactors) we focus on the entertaining but educational aspect of early toys and games.

mailto: JGilbert at Ciaccess dot com
PHONE: (519) 674-2322

11768 Bates Drive, RR#1
Morpeth, Ontario, Canada. N0P 1X0

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If we do not answer an email it means we did not get it. Please try again and/or give us a phone call. We do answer all emails that we get but as we all know occasionally emails just get lost within the system and go nowhere. Please be careful to label your emails very clearly. Like others we get junk emails and try to delete them instantly. If your message is not clearly labelled it may well go to trash.

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