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Sail Boat for Classroom Use

Sail Boat Kit

There are very few young boys who, on a hot summerís afternoon, can resist either borrowing a real boat and going for a ride on a lazy river or, better yet, building their own toy boat and setting it adrift on that same appealing body of water.

Use the power of the wind to sail your wooden craft or simply add it to your collection of toy boats. This sailboat comes in two styles. One is a square sail and the other a "sloop style" triangular sail. Great for ponds, small streams or bath tubs on Saturday nights!

This fun little sail boat was the first in a new line up of toys by Faire Tyme aimed at classroom use. It is inexpensive enough to allow distribution to pupils or club members. Although these come in kit form, they can be put together in about a minute without the use of nails or glue of any kind. Although they compete in price with "off shore" toys, these look period for museum programming. The Painted version is only available by special order. The photo of the painted is for demonstration only to show how they can be used in the classroom.

Now available with a single square sail!

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Painted Sailboat Kit

Square Sail Boat Kit

Sail boat in Christmas Tree December 1872
From Antiques of American Childhood
By Katharine Morrison McClinton

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