Our School Visits Program


We will cater our visits to YOUR needs and YOUR CURRICULUM. WE can combine or expand any of the following CLASSROOM PROGRAMS:

Girl with Graces
  1. HISTORY OF TOYS WORKSHOP - a half day workshop outlining the history of toys and games with plenty of time allotted for hands-on, activities.
  2. HISTORY OF TOYS & TOY MAKING WORKSHOP - a half day workshop outlining the history of toys and a fun filled session of 18th century toy making. Each child takes home an authentic 18th century toy reproduction.
  3. A DAY OF TOYS AND GAMES - a half day or full day of 18'h century fun, games and educational experiences. This can take place inside or outside of the classroom.

Girl with Hoop
  1. TRADITIONAL TOY & GAME TEACHER WORKSHOP - liven up and put some fun into your next Professional Development Day with an educational, fun-filled but practical workshop on traditional toys, games and their use in any classroom. Learn about the history of toys and how you and you class can make your own. Handouts and lesson plans provided.
  2. THE SCHOOLMASTER PAYS A VISIT TO YOUR CLASSROOM - have an 18th century schoolmaster visit your classroom and take over teaching for up to a half day. He brings all the educational materials needed ( i.e. Slates, chalk, ink wells, ink, writing paper, Horn Books, and various other materials needed for readin, ritin and rithmetic to magically whisk your class back in time!

On the Road Again


CONTACT JIM -for more information, prices and availability.

Phone (519) 674-2322
email mailto: JGilbert at Ciaccess dot com

If you email us

If we do not answer an email it means we did not get it. Please try again and/or give us a phone call. We do answer all emails that we get but as we all know occasionally emails just get lost within the system and go nowhere. Please be careful to label your emails very clearly. Like others we get junk emails and try to delete them instantly. If your message is not clearly labelled it may well go to trash.

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Road Again

It is unfortunate that we at Faire Tyme cannot visit every school in North America each year. So many places would like us to visit but we cannot always fit all in. If there is information that we could make available for your programming please let us know. It is possible that we could develop programs to fit your special needs if you let us know what you require.

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