Shinny Legend

In "Navaho Legends", Page 84, Boston, dated 1897, Dr Washington Matthews describes the game of Tsol, or ball, as the last of the games played by the young Hatsehogan with the gambling God Nahoilpi. (Reference, Navaho. Place name not given, but likely New Mexico or Arizona).

"The object was to hit the ball so that it would fall beyond a certain line. 'I will win this game for you' said the little bird Tsilkali, 'for I will hide within the ball and fly with it wherever I want to go. Do not hit the ball hard; give it only a light tap, and depend on me to carry it...' On the line over which the ball was to be knocked all the people were assembled; on one side were those who still remained slaves; on the other side were the freed kinsmen. Nohoflpi bet on this game the last of his slaves and his own person. The gambler struck his ball a heavy blow, but it did not reach the line; the stranger gave his but a light tap, and the bird within it flew with it far beyond the line, whereat the released captives jumped over the line and joined their people.

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