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Round Solitaire Game

This game is reputed to have been created by a French aristocrat who was attempting to pass the time while he was imprisoned in the Bastille. Although the game was traditionally played by only one person, it is nevertheless a fast moving and exciting game. This game has had been a popular item in historical gift shops throughout North America The game comes complete with instructions, and period correct pegs. A fun game ... but don't lose your head over it!

Stone Solitaire like board game
for Tuknanavulpi used by
Hopi Indians

Our Game Pegs for Nine Men's Morris and Solitaire are hand made in our shops. We do NOT use things like plastic Golf tees, etc to substitute for the real game pegs.

Game of Musinaykahwhanmetowaywin
Cree and Chippewa
From "Games of the
North American Indians"
By Dennis Tedlock

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