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The Games of Sticks and Walk Around

Both Games Can Be Played With Our Sticks Games

Sticks and Walkaround

Greek Girls Playing at Knucklebones
From the British Museum
From Toys of Other Days
By Mrs J Nevill Jackson

A game of skill designed to teach young lads and lasses in pioneer times to develop quick reflexes was as simple as it was complex. Starting with a group of similar shaped sticks on the top of your hand you were to quickly remove your hand and see how many of the sticks you could grab before they reached the ground. There are many variations to the game but all are fun and rather challenging. You can also use these sticks to play the delicate balancing/walking competition game called WALK AROUND. Instructions included.

It is always difficult to prove exact links but it is very likely that the game of Sticks came from the ancient Knucklebones. This game was played in Roman and Greek times, and has came right through to today in the form or the game of Jacks.

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