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Stick Horses / Hobby Horses

Hobby / Stick Horses
Upper version available with black or white mane
or salt and pepper mixed version.

Hobby–Horses may have been of Anglo-Norman origin following the theory that chivalry and chivalresque toys were introduced to England by the Normans; however, the hobbyhorse was also known in Greek times. It is more likely that the hobby-horse is another example of the universal toy, making frequent appearances at different times in history and enjoying great popularity among children at a period when their fathers and elder brothers were permanently on horse-back. The hobbyhorses from FAIRE TYME TOYS come in two different styles but both are sure to please children of the 21st century as much as they did children of the 15th century.

Those in the upper photo are more modern, where as those in the lower are much older. Often the older versions would have front legs attached, and even a small harness. These options are available but of course add greatly to the cost.

Right Click on Photo to Enlarge It

Note Stick Horse, Jousting stick
with Windmill, Child's Walker,
Baby Cradle, and Bandy Stick.
Did you know that Hockey is that
old? It is thought to trace back
to Ancient Egyptian times!

Our Partner Cyril Hobbins in England writes...
Did you know that STICK HORSES or HOBBY HORSES have been around since ancient times? Many old prints show children riding a HOBBY HORSE whilst clutching a spinning windmill like a LANCE. Sometimes an inflated pigs bladder would be tied to the HOBBY HORSE, it sounded like hoofbeats in the wind.

See our Toy Lance. Also, see "Brueghel painting" in our toy history section. (Click Here Then click on Web Gallery of Art, look for the complete photo and enlarge to your biggest option.) Can you see the two kids playing with the windmill lance there? And the one with the stick horse? Hint, look upper left and lower left.

Another form of Hobby Horse was used in the middle ages. It was the form of a horse that was actually worn around the waist. This indeed was somewhat involved with Morris Dancing. To see a period drawing and documentation see the second photo from the top in the Historic Gallery of our Web Site. Click Here

Stick Horses in 18th Century Toy Stall
Note Front Legs attached and Harness.
See the full photo in our "Doll's Index Page"
Note similarity of shape to the smaller
stick horses above

Drawing from "Toys of Other Days" by Mrs F Nevill Jackson

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