Stilts and Toboggans

From Drawing by W Richard West

Stilts by Hopi, Shoshoni, and Zuni,
Arizona, Wyoming, and New Mexico
Free Museum of Science and Art
Univeristy of Pennsylvania.

Stilts? Maya,
Codex, Troano

Stilts. In his book Cullin mentions that Stilts area pretty much only known to the (Reference,) Maya, Wichita, Shoshonean, and Zuni tribes.
It is mentioned that the stilts are often "a cottonwood crotch wrapped with colored rugs."

Toboggans. Toboggans are seen in a very prominent position in the artwork by W Richard West. See the picture above. This drawing when looked at carefully shows the two folks in the center very clearly getting ready to toboggan down using what is very likely a hide of a buffalo or other animal of similar size and colour. The person at left is harder to see, but is likely doing the same thing.

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