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The Spool Top

Spool Top

Kids in the old days had to make due with toys made from what ever was available easily. Thus the toys would often not work quite as well, or had a very short life. Often tops were made from thread spools. Our thread spool finger tops demonstrate how this would often be done. Many originally were made using small thread spools, but these do not work well at all. However, we use a larger spool and cut it in two, as they would often have done so that they could make two toys out of that one tiny spool. And presto, we have a great little top. These are a fantastic toy to demonstrate the concept of "Use what you have to make a toy" as was done so often in the old days.

'''Top, Rattle, and Ball.

And best of all, they are so inexpensive that you can buy one for the price of a can of pop.

We at Faire Tyme hope that you have as much fun playing with these toys as we did designing them.

The Spool Top is available with a launcher by special order. Please ask for information.

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