What's New at Faire Tyme Toys

The following products are new at Faire Tyme. We hope that you enjoy "playing around" with them as much as we do!

The Beautiful Egg Mill
  • Dr Toy names Top Tafel to best classic toys list March 7 2011.
  • Huge expansion in our Native toys and games areaThis area to be expanded further and reorganized somewhat in very near future. Spring 2011.
  • Big Price reduction on our highest quality slates Jan 1 2010.
  • New Less Expensive Slates added to our line up soon We have another new slate coming on board this month. Direct shipping for orders over 30 and lower costs allow us to ship these at a price that is a fraction of the cost of our "Rough Slates". We still recommend the rough slates for museum demonstration, but these new slates should be great for gift shops, etc. With No "Made In (Whatever) country" printing on them they are much more period than other slates available with the exception of our period "rough slates" which are more expensive. Coming around March 1st, 2010.
  • One Stick Acrobat modified The one stick actobat has been modified in order to no longer use wire in their construction. They look almost exactly as they did formerly though otherwise. We hope to do the same with most other toys using wire soon.
  • Double Marble Race We now have a new double Marble Race toy. i.e. it has two tracks instead of one for marbles. Both look exactly the same as the ones shown in our web site photos. These are extremely good toys for younger children, although as always should NEVER be used for kids under the age of three due to the choking hazard. August 29/09 Marble Race Page.
  • Toy History Video. Note to all museums! January '09 New on our site is a video of the toy collection of Cyril Hobbins. This is a short promo video, but all museum people should see this. If you wish to purchase the longer full length video it is available through Cyril. Please email us for details. However, the promo video can be viewed for free and everyone interested in history should do that! Click Toy History Video, or see it in our "Toy History" section. Please note that this is too big to load on dial up.

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