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Sheila G, John S, Jim G and Lisa G

At Faire Tyme, we just love to "Play Around". We do hope that you will love to Play Along with us in our great little web site.

If you email us

If we do not answer an email it means we did not get it. Please try again and/or give us a phone call. We do answer all emails that we get but as we all know occasionally emails just get lost within the system and go nowhere. Please be careful to label your emails very clearly. Like others we get junk emails and try to delete them instantly. If your message is not clearly labelled it may well go to trash.

A Huge vote of Thanks!

AKC. We at Faire Tyme owe a huge amount of Thanks to a fellow who told me to not publish his name. He setup the Wiki for this site and steered our web designer through some very rough waters. We owe him a huge amount of Thanks. Without him this beautiful new site would not exist! AK, we cannot thank you enough!

Our Staff, Left to Right:

Photo, LEFT to RIGHT:

Jim Gilbert

JIM GILBERT - Jim is a retired secondary school vice-principal, national award winning teacher, historian and author. He now specializes in presenting toy workshops in schools, living history festivals and reenactments throughout North America. He accepts all Cup & Ball challenges! To email Jim about any information on toy workshops or our educational programs or road shows. mailto: JGilbert at Ciaccess dot com

John Skakel

JOHN SKAKEL - John is our master toy-builder and tireless toy researcher. John specializes in creating forgotten and impossible wooden toys for sites throughout North America. No toy is too small or too big or too "impossible" for John. He loves challenges!
Click the following link for an interview the CBC did with John:
Click the following link for an interview that 570 News Radio in Kitchener Ont did with John: john skakel interview.mp3
To email John about information on any toy mailto: Toymaker at FaireTymeToys dot com

Sheila Gibbs

SHEILA GIBBS - Sheila is a retired research librarian, toy demonstrator and experienced reenactor. She is also our master "Jacob's Ladder" maker and an expert with the Inuit Cup & Ball!

Lisa Gilbert Sewing

LISA GILBERT - Lisa is our doll maker sans pareil! She has her own business called "Faire Tyme Fashions" in which she makes very high quality reenactment clothing for all time periods. Former co-founder of one of Canada's largest living history events ( Heritage Days - "The Faire At The Forks"), Lisa is an award winning historian, teacher and experienced reenactor.

Cyril Hobbins with Friends

Our Honorary Member, British Toy Maker Extraordinaire Cyril Hobbins - We have an honorary member of our group who we work with constantly. He is located in England and his name is Cyril Hobbins. He has been a huge help in our business here throughout our existence.''

Jim, Sheila and John

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