Games of the Old Tyme School Yard

Girls Playing with a Mask

Whether you are interested in games for the school yard, a club like 4-H, or a group of Seniors thinking about the old times this is the place to look. There are so many old time toys and games areas on the net and almost none have any documentation. Here we intend to change that. Here we will give you at least one reference to a book or old drawing or artwork to give you at least a beginning toward your research into games for your programming. We realize that everything you do must be documented and we intend to do our very best to help you with that here. We give you a long list of games (nearly 50) and ideas on how to play them like Cock Shy, Skipping with an old time skipping rope, and Kayles for as close as possible to free. You do not need to purchase anything to play these games with only a very few exceptions.

We think that you will find this area rather entertaining on the whole. For instance ever wonder about the origin of the song "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts". You will find it here.

Unfortunately there is a small charge of $20 to enter this area. Please contact us for details. (See the "Contact" area of our web site.)

To enter our School Yard Games area, click HERE.

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