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Yo Yo

Alternate Names. Bandilor, Bandelure, Quiz, Jou-Jou, and L'Emigrette .

The Yo Yo

YO-YOS were a part of every day life in ancient China as well as in ancient Greece. It was known that India knew about them as early as the 1760s and by the 1790s they were in Europe where YO-YOS became very popular almost overnight. In fact, there is even an 18th century painting in the British Museum depicting King George IV “yo-yoing”! Try your hand with one of Faire Tyme Toys' famous YO-YOS.

Art by Robert Edge Pine c. 1780
Boys with Yo Yo and Peg Top.

Something interesting to think about. We were asked to make a yo yo reproduction for a museum. The cords from that time were rather large. Our reproduction proved that those cords would not let the Yo Yo spin on the bottom or "Sleep" for technical reasons. Did they have sleeping Yo Yo's back then. As of now we do not know the answer to that but the reproduction proves that it was likely somewhat unusual at least.

Art Work from "A History of Toys" by Antonia Fraser

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